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SPX Flow Hankison FLEX Series

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CDA Systems has partnered with SPX Flow Hankison for many years insuring our customers have the right equipment for the specific application and environment. The SPX Flow Hankison FLEX Series lowers air system power costs and improves productivity by matching power consumption to compressed air demand.

The SPX Flow Hankison provides flow from 75 SCFM to 550 SCFM, 127 M3/H to 935 M3/H, the SPX Flow Hankison FLEX Series dryers automatically cycle (on/off) the refrigeration compressor in response to inlet load conditions. When the inlet air load is reduced, the power requirement to dry the air is matched in proportion to the demand. At 60% inlet air load, a non-cycling dryer consumes 96% of the full load power consumption ad 4% energy savings. By comparison, at 60% inlet air load, the FLEX Series consumes only 60% of the full load power, a 40% energy savings.

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