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SPX Flow Dollinger - Air and Gas Filtration

CDA Systems will work closely with Dollinger to tailor fit a filtration system for your needs.

SPX Flow Dollinger Engineering value added solutions to new filtration problems has been a Dollinger® tradition since 1921 when SPX Flow Dollinger produced the first air intake filter for farm tractors to protect engines from abrasive dust.


Dollinger provides customers with precision-engineered air intakes, fuel/oil filtration packages and oil exhaust eliminators. SPX Flow Dollinger has much invested in their hi-speed turbo compressors, turbines and blowers. That is why you'll find Dollinger systems protecting critical air intake, fuel and lubrication systems around the world. When shaft speeds approach 70,000 RPM and environments range from arctic snow to desert sands, Dollinger quality and performance helps everyone breathe easier.

SPX Dollinger Oil Exhaust Filters

SPX Dollinger Air Gas Liquid Pipeline

SPX Dollinger Multi Technology Skid Packages

SPX Dollinger AI 128 V Two Stage

SPX Dollinger Elements - Genuine Dollinger Replacement Elements

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