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SPX Flow Pneumatic Products

CDA Systems and its team has enjoyed a close, collaborative relationship with SPX Flow Products (PPC) for over 30 years.  Teams from both companies work together to engineer the solution for you and your plant's demands.  Standard pre-engineered systems are available for flows of 2 SCFM up to 14,000 SCFM. Let us help you with larger systems and custom designs.

Since 1946, the world has turned to SPX Flow Pneumatic Products (PPC) for the quality and service demanded by the most critical of applications. Global leaders of industry require durable components that deliver reliability. SPX Flow Pneumatic Products (PPC)  precision engineered components and designs, deliver outstanding service life and operational longevity.

SPX Flow Pneumatic Products (PPC) heritage stands on a solid foundation of successfully solving the contamination problems of the most demanding industries: aerospace, bio-tech, bio-pharm, food, beverage, chemical, biochemical, electronics, primary metals, power generation, petrochemical, pulp and paper and a host of others.

Integrated system components allow us to design a system that specifically meets your needs. Highly engineered components provide the lowest life-cycle costs, increased reliability and return-on-investment.

SPX Flow Pneumatic Products (PPC) serves more than 5,000 customers with an average of four engineered desiccant dryer systems per facility. Custom engineered dryers are crafted from specialty metals to handle corrosive and harsh environments. SPX Flow Pneumatic Products (PPC) solve the world's compressed air and gas contamination problems.

Standard pre-engineered systems are available for flows of 2 SCFM up to 14,000 SCFM. Larger systems and custom designs are available.

Air Dryers

When the demand is for high performance, energy efficient heated and heatless compressed air dryers for industrial applications, SPX Flow Pneumatic Products (PPC) is the answer. Together with SPX Flow Pneumatic Products (PPC), CDA Systems can spec an expert standard and custom engineered solutions.  SPX Flow Pneumatic Products (PPC) is leading, energy-efficient desiccant air dryers with superior dew point control for critical applications to meet your specific requirements.

SPX FLOW Pneumatic PPC IBP Series


Work with CDA Systems and SPX Flow Pneumatic Products (PPC) to help secure the highest quality desiccant, whether it be Silica Gel, Molecular Sieve, Bed Support, Activated Carbon or the most common DE-4 Activated Alumina.  The highest quality desiccant is essential in the critical air application and is offered by SPX Flow Pneumatic Products. 

SPX FLOW Pneumatic PPC Desiccants

Compressed Air Filters and Adsorbers

SPX Flow Pneumatic Products (PPC) Large Flow Filtration and CDA Systems will work with you to find the optimal multi-cartridge filter housings that meet your demands.  Ranging in SCFM and PSIG, protecting your systems air from contamination, SPX Flow Pneumatic Products (PPC) has the solution for your facilities' demand.

SPX FLOW Pneumatic PPF Series Advanced Energy Saving Compressed Air Filters

Special Hydration Technology

SPX Flow Pneumatic Products (PPC) BAP desiccant dryer purifiers are designed to provide a continuous supply of clean, safe breathing air from your new or existing compressed air system. CDA Systems will assist you and your facility to provide the most effective solution for your facility.  Every SPX Flow Pneumatic Products (PPC) purifier is a complete full-capacity purification system that performs effectively with oil lubricated or non-lubricated compressors.

SPX FLOW Pneumatic BAP Series Breathing Air

Condensate Management

SPX Flow Pneumatic Products (PPC) offer several options of reliable and economical, timer operated drain valves allow regular drainage at pre-determined user selected time intervals; as well as electric demand operated drain valves and mechanical demand operated drain valves do not waste any valuable compressed air.

SPX FLOW Pneumatic PPC Condensate Drain Valves

Dri Breathers

The SPX Flow Pneumatic Products (PPC) Dri-Breathers are designed to protect your equipment and to be an efficient dryer of desiccant have become saturated with moisture.  The SPX Flow Pneumatic Products (PPC) Dri-Breather small enough to be portable or can be permanently installed.

Flame Arresters

The SPX Flow Pneumatic Products (PPC) Flame Arresters are a proven design for maximum protection.  Explosion prevention and containment are prime considerations in all combustible mixture processing or vent line applications.  Contact CDA Systems to get assistance and more information on Flame Arresters.

SPX FLOW Pneumatic PPC Flame Arresters