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SPX Flow Pneumatic Products

CDA Systems and its team has enjoyed a close, collaborative relationship with SPX Flow Products (PPC) for over 30 years.  Teams from both companies work together to engineer the solution for you and your plant's demands.  Standard pre-engineered systems are available for flows of 2 SCFM up to 14,000 SCFM. Let us help you with larger systems and custom designs.

Since 1946, the world has turned to SPX Flow Pneumatic Products (PPC) for the quality and service demanded by the most critical of applications. Global leaders of industry require durable components that deliver reliability. SPX Flow Pneumatic Products (PPC)  precision engineered components and designs, deliver outstanding service life and operational longevity.


SPX Flow Pneumatic Products (PPC) heritage stands on a solid foundation of successfully solving the contamination problems of the most demanding industries: aerospace, bio-tech, bio-pharm, food, beverage, chemical, biochemical, electronics, primary metals, power generation, petrochemical, pulp and paper and a host of others.

Integrated system components allow us to design a system that specifically meets your needs. Highly engineered components provide the lowest life-cycle costs, increased reliability and return-on-investment.


SPX Flow Pneumatic Products (PPC) serves more than 5,000 customers with an average of four engineered desiccant dryer systems per facility. Custom engineered dryers are crafted from specialty metals to handle corrosive and harsh environments. SPX Flow Pneumatic Products (PPC) solve the world's compressed air and gas contamination problems.

Standard pre-engineered systems are available for flows of 2 SCFM up to 14,000 SCFM. Larger systems and custom designs are available.

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Air Dryers



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Compressed Air Filters and Absorbers

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Special Hydration Technology

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Condensate Management

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Dri Breathers

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Flame Arresters

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