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Every compressed Air System is comprised of five principal facets: Generation, Control, Treatment, Distribution and Usage. It is essential that a system is monitored and maintained to ensure that it is operating correctly and efficiently.

When Air Systems are initially designed and installed they are usually sized correctly for the use at that time.  Due to many contributing factors, through the years the plant air demand changes. Many companies experience growth, and the system monitoring may get overlooked or take a back seat.  It's critical to look at what the demand is currently and how it is being met with an air system audit.

CDA Systems analyzes the five facets to ensure that your system is generating the proper air and pressure, the air flow and filtering is correct for use and the maintenance is on schedule for proper distribution, with correct systems management and redundancy for your plant needs.

The CDA Systems' team have partnered with and educated our customers on operational cost awareness for over 35 years.



CDA Systems is dedicated and continually working with facilities maintenance and or engineering to help identify systems that either are not tuned or have too much capacity online.  Our goal is to help your facilities run your compressed air system in the most efficient manner. Fine tuning the equipment saves you money by potentially less power consumption and less wear and tear on your equipment.

Our integrity and transparency is the number one concern when approaching any kind of system analysis or audit. CDA Systems provides an unbiased audit.  Maximizing the value of the results and sizing your equipment correctly or repairing leaks is our only goal for you and your plant.  It is about using less kWhnot about selling more equipment.

According to the US Department of Energy, compressed air systems can account for as much as 30% of a plant’s total energy consumption. The benefits to your company are reduced electrical costs, reduced spending on new equipment if needed, and increased accuracy when sizing new systems or equipment.

Contact us today so we can better understand your plant air requirements and goals.

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