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5 Safety Tips for Working With Air Compressors

In any working environment there are risks present and ensuring workers are well-protected should be a priority in all facilities.

When you’re working with a compressed air system it is especially important to ensure that your place of work is a safe space. Here are five simple safety tips for working with air compressors.

1. Hands Off

It is important to keep your hands away from the end of any pneumatic equipment to avoid injury. Always ensure your face and body are safely positioned away from the ends of these tools.

2. The 3-Step Safety Check

Before installing, removing or performing maintenance on your compressor parts or accessories make sure to:

Shut off the air source

Bleed the air pressure

Disengage the air hose

3. Secure Connections

Injuries and equipment malfunction can be caused by weak or loosely fitted connections. Perform regular checks to ensure all connections are secure prior to activating pneumatic tools.

4. Install Shut Off Valves

A shut off valve should always be easily reachable in the event of an emergency. If a piece of equipment, such as an air hose, starts malfunctioning you need to cut the air source before approaching to investigate.

5. Protective Gear

Make sure that your workers are provided with the prescribed protective gear when working with air compressors. Protective gear can include:

Breathing masks

Eye goggles

Hearing or ear guards

Why It’s Important to Take Safety Precautions

When the correct safety precautions aren’t taken the worlds favorite fourth utility can be extremely dangerous.

Three of the more dangerous risks of unsafe air compressor use include:

Compressed air being accidentally blown in the mouth leading to rupturing of lungs, stomach or intestines.

Even through clothing, compressed air can enter the body through the navel and lead to inflated & ruptured lungs.

Compressed air in the bloodstream can reach the brain’s blood vessels and lead to a stroke.

Stay Safe

CDA Systems puts safety above all else and would like to help you do the same. Call us today for a site evaluation. 925.667.3400 /

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