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Understanding your current CDA pressure needs.

In most air systems, the pressure requirement is different at the process operations and point of use applications. A system’s engineer likely established the air requirement of the initial design requirement of manufacturing or process. Overtime, with technology and process changes, the air demand may far exceed the system’s initial design specs. Contact us to partner with you in understanding your current Clean Dry Air requirements.

Required pressure levels must consider system losses from dryers, separators, filters, and piping. A general understanding of a Clean Dry Air Systems in the 100 psig range, is for every two pounds psi increase in discharge pressure, energy consumption will increase by approximately 1% at full output flow. This maybe a consideration when tools or processes change, where the air demand cannot be met.

Another consideration and issue of understanding needed pressure is raising the compressor discharge pressure increases the demand of every unregulated usage, including leaks. Unregulated air usage averages are as high as 30-50% of air demand. Systems in the 100 psig range with 30- 50% unregulated usage, a 2 psi increase in pressure will increase energy consumption 1.0 percent or more due to the additional unregulated air consumption. CDA Systems works with you to find unregulated air usage and assess the current needs of your system’s pressure demands. Establishing the target pressure & flow is critical to overall energy costs.

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