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Desiccant—How One Small Thing Affects Your Plant at Large

As an expert in your field, you must know the huge impact a small decision can make. So here’s the question: When last did you look at your desiccant in your air dryers?

To make sure you’re optimizing results it’s worth getting a competitive quote on your filtration and compression needs from CDA Systems.

CDA Systems only partners with the best and that’s why you’ll find SPX Flow’s desiccant range on our shelves. But why should you change?

The SPX Flow Brand’s Reputation

Industry trust doesn’t happen instantly—it takes a while before you make your mark. The SPX Flow brand has been around for 70 years and that resulted in market-leading products, expertise and a long list of satisfied clients.

Any product from this brand is worth considering.

How Does the SPX Flow Expertise Reflect in Desiccant Products?

Quality Design

Of course, it’s essential you pick the correct dryer for your plant, but using the right desiccant is as important. SPX Flow’s absorptive media is a step above the rest for many reasons:

The brand sifts Activated Alumina. This gives you optimal bead size and will improve moisture removal.Products such as activated carbon assist in odor removal.Silica Gel from this brand will resist hydro-thermal aging.The dryers from SPX Flow incorporate layers that

remove acids, so they don’t affect the dryer’s performance.

You can see the design is focused on optimizing performance, but it will also improve the longevity of the dryer itself. That saves money on maintenance and replacements.

Practical Options

Both CDA Systems and SPX Flow understand how difficult business decisions can be, so we help you make better ones. The test kits we offer to supply you with data about your dryer’s bed, so you know how to enhance future performance with more effective maintenance plans.

You can also benefit from a range of products, including:

Silica GelWater resistant Silica GelMolecular SieveBed SupportActivated Carbon

Optimize Your Site Today

As a premium service provider in Silicon Valley, you can trust our advice to help you make the right decisions. Book a plant survey or request a quote. You can find us on 925.667.3400

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