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DHA Series—The IdealDryer Solution in 2019

If you’re going to invest in your business there’s no sense in cutting corners. Get the best or you risk contamination to your air, damages to assets or the need to replace what you just purchased, simply because it didn’t last long.

Luckily there are brands you can still trust that won’t let you down in this way. For CDA Systems it’s imperative you have peace of mind regarding the equipment on your site, which is why we stock trustworthy brands only. This is how we made an impact on the clean dry air compression industry.

A popular item is SPX Flow’s DHA Series dryers. Their characteristics include high performance and astounding longevity. That saves you effort and money.

Sound like a good idea for your plant? Read on to find out more.

Why the DHA Series is the Best

The DHA Series’ High-Performance Features

The DHA Series is the perfect example of SPX Flow’s expertise and commitment to quality. Each component is of high quality such as the poppet valves that have steel internals.

It’s the range of features that impressed us the most though:

AMLOC (Automated Moisture Load Control) Energy Management SystemAMLOC IntelligencePLC ControlService remindersAbsolute micron removal below 0.9um

Wide Range of Options

When you get a customized solution, it makes an ordinary piece of equipment more effective. With this series you can pick:

Dimensions that suit you as items range from 62”x 38”x 30” to the largest at 106” x 92”x 81”Inlet/outlet connections range from 1” to 4”Inlet flow between 60 and 1,600scfm Units weighing between 350lb and 4,700lb

Ease of Use is of Equal Importance

SPX Flow makes it easy to grasp what’s going on with your dryer via the LCD screen on the front. The brand even took usability one step further and made remote monitoring a reality. If you have an ethernet or internet infrastructure you can view data on performance, diagnostics, and status.

Start a New Season

It’s proven: Your plant can operate more effectively. And our experts will help you determine what you need. Simply contact us and book a plant survey or request a quote: 925.667.3400/

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