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Does Your Air Compressor Have an Auto Start Feature?

Running your air compressor can be a frustrating task if you need to constantly reset its start times or manage it manually. With modern advances in technology, this is no longer an issue.

So, why should your air compressor have an auto start feature? We have all the details you need to know about this innovative system.

Issues with Previous Start Systems

Having to reset your air compressor can be time consuming and takes employees away from other duties that they should be performing. If staff aren’t manually starting the compressor enough times, this could result in not producing enough compressed air to meet demands.

The alternative is to have the compressor running continuously. This results in producing more compressed air than is necessary and wasting energy. Even using a timer with a machine that doesn’t have enough storage can use too much power. Instead, using an auto start feature alleviates this electrical demand and allows you to produce enough compressed air to suit your process needs.

Advantages of Auto Start Features

Auto start controls work like a timer but instead of working after a set period of time, the compressor begins working based on a variety of pre-controlled requisites. This allows you to minimize electrical costs and saves time and labor. Other advantages of auto start features are:

  • Prevents damage to the compressor from working overtime

  • Gives the compressor more flexibility

  • Saves hours of unloaded run time

  • Meets systems requirements regarding compressed air

Types of Auto Start Features

Different manufacturers offer various types of auto start features. These features can be tailored to suit your plant’s needs. Some auto start examples are:

Allowing only four starts an hour but starts can be set at any time within that period. When starts are used the compressor runs unloaded.

  • Preprogramming a mode that fits the compressor’s cycle frequency and repeating these cycles if they’re viable. The compressor will also turn off if it’s been unloading for too long.

  • Letting you set how many times the compressor must start throughout the day. It will automatically shut off once it’s completed its maximum number of starts.

  • Reducing the timer to as low as two minutes so that the motor can turn off after the compressor has been running for 10 minutes.

Where Can You Get A Modern Air Compressor?

At CDA Systems, we offer the best air compressor models on the market. With us, you can find the air compressor with auto start feature that suit your factory needs.

CDA Systems has earned its reputation as the industry leader, delivering the highest quality equipment with unmatched customer satisfaction. To find your perfect air compressor, contact us on: 925.667.3400/

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