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How to Calculate Air Compressor Sizing Based on Standard Conditions

If your air compression unit doesn’t produce enough compressed air, it could bring your company to a standstill. That’s why you need to calculate the sizing of your device. But where do you begin your calculations? We have all the answers for you.

What Are Standard Conditions?

Before you can start sizing your air compressor you need to know what the Standard Conditions are based on manufacturing purposes. The Standard Conditions are based on an Acceptance Test Codes that allow manufacturers to meet customers’ needs.

The Standard Conditions as per Annex C of ISO 1217 are:

  • Inlet Air Pressure: 14,5 PSIA

  • Inlet Air Temperature: 68?F

  • Relative Water Vapor Pressure: 0

  • Cooling Water Temperature: 68?F

Accounting for Changes in Air Pressure

The higher you are from sea level, the less air pressure you’ll experience which will affect your air compressor’s performance. In order, to account for changes in air pressure, use the following equation:

Your ambient air pressure / standard air pressure

Accounting for Changes in Temperature

Temperature can affect the amount of compressed air your device produces as much as air pressure can. This is because in certain temperature conditions you may not even need dry air at all. To calculate the difference in temperature, use this equation: (460 + standard temperature in ?F) / (460 + your ambient temperature ?F)

Sizing Your Air Compressor

Now that you have the figures that represent your changes in air pressure and temperature you can work out the size of your air compression unit. In order to calculate what size machine you need to deliver 1000ft³ of air, use this equation: (1000 + 17) / change in temperature / change in air pressure

This calculation gives you the required ACFM that you need. Based on this ACFM, you can find the right sized air compressor.

Can We Help You Find the Right Size?

Does all of this math sound a bit complicated to you? Don’t worry, at CDA we offer complete design, installation and commissioning of air compressors. KNW Kobelco Oil-Free compressors is an option that we can assist you with. This means that our team can design one to meet your industry requirements. All you need to do is contact us on: 925.667.3400/ and we’ll do all the calculations for you.

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