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How to Do a Thorough Assessment of Your Air Dryer

Assessing your air dryer will help you stay up to date with maintenance and will prevent hassles in the future. It will also improve your air compressor because you’re looking after it.

But what do you need to look for when assessing your air dryer? Here’s a basic summary of how to evaluate your machine quickly and efficiently.

Why Do You Need To Assess Your Air Dryer?

Your compressed air needs to be of the highest quality to ensure that your system functions are reliable and efficient. This means that not only must oil and solid contaminants be removed from the air, but moisture too.

For this reason, checking the reliability of your air dryer is a necessary part of your system analyses. In cases where technology is outdated or the dryer isn’t functioning correctly, you might find that the air isn’t being dried properly or excess purge is created. Resolving these issues early will benefit your air compressor.

What Factors to Look for When Assessing Your Air Dryer

In order to perform a full assessment of your air dryer, there are certain factors you need to record. By analyzing these factors, you’ll know if your air dryer is functioning efficiently. If your air dryer is performing well, your plant will save money and time when it comes to factory processes.

The factors that you need to record are the air dryer’s:

  • Model

  • Unit Type

  • Rated flow @ 100°F / 100psig /100scfm 200

  • Purge air (scfm 15% / ¼ time running)

  • Full load heater kW average

  • Full load blower kW

  • Total full load kW

  • % Load with Dew Point demand control or cycling regeneration

  • Net electric demand (kW) average

  • Total annual operating cost ($)

How to Analyze These Factors

Although it’s useful to compare your recordings with previous assessments on a weekly or monthly basis, you can make an evaluation based only on the current figures as well. By looking at your recordings, you can come to a conclusion on various aspects such as:

  • Is the machine drawing more energy than it should, based on the rated flow?

  • Are your costs too high based on the energy usage?

  • How much purged air is being created and is it too much?

Considering these values from all angles will help you understand your machine and its performance. It’s best to do a comparative analysis and consider the device in its current state as well.

Where Can You Get Help?

Most modern air dryers will record data for you, but if reading the data becomes too challenging you can contact CDA. We’ll inspect your air dryers and suggest any maintenance options.

With us, your entire system will run more effectively so you save money. Call us on: 925.667.3400/ Any thorough assessments that you need will be completed in no time.

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