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  • Peg Minichiello

Personal Protective Equipment and Compressed Air  

It is a fact that in any job or industry there are risks present. However, when working with compressed air, the risks are very serious; even life threatening.

By now I’m sure you’re aware that when the proper precautions are not taken compressed air can be hazardous. Let’s help you manage the risk.

Personal Protective Equipment For Your Compressed Air Systems

There are many aspects you can focus on to ensure that your compressed air system is as safe as can be. Today we’re looking at personal protective equipment.

1. Goggles or Safety Glasses

When using any type of pneumatic tools it is important to use safety glasses or goggles. Glasses with side shields are highly recommended. Eye injuries, cuts and scrapes caused by flying debris or particles can be avoided by wearing protective eye gear.

2. Hearing Protection

Temporary or permanent loss of hearing is not uncommon in plant settings due to the high noise found in this type of environment. You need to provide your workers with the appropriate hearing protectors as well as monitor their exposure to noise.

3. Gloves

Depending on the nature of your plant, suitable gloves that are either chemical resistant or heat or cold resistant should be worn at all times. In line with OSHA Standard 1910.138(a) and 1910.138(b) employers need to consider the tasks to be performed, the conditions, duration of use as well as identify any hazards. Common hazards include:

- Harmful substances being absorbed into skin

- Cuts

- Lacerations

- Severe abrasions

- Punctures

- Chemical or thermal burns

4. Footwear

It’s important to bear in mind that compressed air is not the only risk in your plant. Wet or slippery floors can cause serious problems; rolling objects too. Footwear must be selected based on adherence to at least one of the OSHA Standard 1910.136 requirements.

Safety First, Always

Safety should always be the top priority and is an area that can’t afford shortcuts being taken or costs being cut.

CDA Systems offers on-site system commissioning and training for your engineering & maintenance personnel. Contact us today and let us help make your workspace a safe space. 925.667.3400/

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