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  • Peg Minichiello

Remote Connectivity—Why It’s So Important

Have you ever been stuck somewhere without your phone and desperately needed to contact someone? It’s an unnerving feeling being disconnected, right?

With the advances of technology, we have become accustomed to having information at our fingertips. The sooner you have access to vital information, the better equipped you’re able to deal with any risks. This rings especially true in business.

With so many variables in a pressurized environment, having instant connectivity could save you a lot of trouble. Being able to connect offsite to your air compressors is important for so many reasons.

Here’s why.

Advantages of Remote Connectivity

There are numerous benefits to having an offsite system that is responsive and connected at all times. Imagine a scenario where your air compressor is not fitted with offsite connectivity and something goes wrong. It would then be up to the staff on duty to handle whatever the emergency is, right?

What if the staff is not competent to deal with the complexity of the situation? Does that not put your business at risk? You can’t afford to place your business in the hands of inexperienced staff only.

Remote connectivity allows the experts to immediately be alerted off-site that something is wrong and so they can respond immediately. Having specialists monitoring your site from wherever they are, saves you money and time.

Some other benefits to having offsite control are:

- It gives access to information for improved monitoring

- Air compressors fitted with remote connectivity send signals and warnings straightaway

- It does an analysis of where the fault could be

- The site can be operated via a remote control

Remote Connectivity Improves Performance

Besides safeguarding you against unexpected risks, remote connectivity also increases overall performance. Offsite connectivity allows you to detect early maintenance issues or possible crashes. It makes it possible to schedule maintenance before the system fails or you lose productivity.

The systematized alerts and data charts produced by remote connectivity help you to plan & schedule all the necessary maintenance. The focus with remote connectivity is to never lose productivity and to retain a stable environment with minimum waste and energy loss.

CDA systems can support you in this area of your business. Why not contact our dedicated specialist and we will design a customized plan for you? Call us today on 925.667.3400/

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