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The K-Series—3 Reasons You Need This Compressor

Picking the right equipment for your business is challenging.

We’ll make it easy for if you’re shopping around for air compressors. The K-Series compressor line ticks all the right boxes for small and large setups. This is why we’re proud to share it on the CDA Systems product list.

Back by Years of Experience

When you’re investing capital you want to trust the assets you’re buying, right? What’s better than trusting a company that’s been around for almost seven decades?

Rogers Machinery has been around since 1949.  They’ve built a reputation for delivering quality.

That expertise shows in the products available today. They know what it takes to build a durable machine and they add details that make it user-friendly.

State of the Art Features for Exceptional Performance

5:6 rotor profilesDischarge portingLubricant injectionCustomized options and your choice of open or enclosed frame designs

The benefit of working with CDA Systems in getting your K-Series unit spec’d and installed is that we have the experience to help you with the perfect solution for your needs. We assess your needs so you get optimized results.

Of course, the mechanics are most important, but the excellent workmanship results in great aesthetics. With the K-Series units, your premises always present well and looks professional.

You Get a Wide Variety to Pick from

Both CDA Systems and Rogers Machinery know: No two businesses are the same. For that reason, an entire range of K-Series compressors are made available:

K2/K2V series: For enhanced capacity controlKR/KRV series: Enjoy the benefits of a heavy-duty design

KR2/KR2V series: Air or water cooled and highly efficientKI/KIV series: The single stage option that can deliver 100 PSIG to 175 PSIG

The K-Series brand represents the same values CDA Systems stands for, including durability and excellent service to our customers. Our companies want your business to become more efficient and when you talk to our team about these compressors, you’ll discover how quickly that can happen.

Contact us today on 925.667.3400 /’s book a site visit and get you started.

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