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Three Simple Troubleshooting Tips For Your Air Compressor Motor

As most of us in the industry will attest to, air compressor motors can be a real concern.

Hearing that dreaded hum or clicking noise indicative of motor problems is frustrating. What’s more frustrating is not knowing what’s causing it.

To help lessen your stress we’ll be sharing three of our simplest tips for troubleshooting your air compressor motor.

Before We Get Started

Prior to performing, or attempting, any kind of troubleshooting you must ensure that you are working in the safest conditions possible.

When it comes to motors, always bear in mind that the risk of electric arc and electrical shock is ever present. Electric arcs are thankfully an infrequent occurrence, but electrical shock is commonplace. Something as simple as a dropped wrench in the wrong place could have disastrous consequences.

1. Check that the Drive and Motor are Properly Grounded

Sounds simple, but it’s true. A major cause of motor malfunction is that the drive and motor aren’t properly grounded. Refer to the instruction manual to verify if this is the potential cause of your motor issues.

2. Ensure the Centrifugal Switch Isn’t Damaged

Centrifugal switches help to control the power consumption of the motor. Sometimes, if your motor is not performing properly it can mean that the centrifugal switch is damaged. Your motor can’t take sufficient power from the power source.

3. Check Your Wires

Drive malfunction is often caused because the control signal wires and power cables are in the same conduit. Also, make sure that any unused wires in conduits are grounded at either end.

Do You Have Any Questions?

We hope that these tips have provided you with some valuable information to turn to the next time your air compressor’s motor acts up.

If you have tried the above, or would rather call in the professionals, we’d be happy to help. CDA Systems has earned its reputation as the industry leader, delivering the highest quality equipment with unmatched customer satisfaction.

Feel free to reach out to us on 925.667.3400 or at

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