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Value Inspection Programs—All You Need to Know

For compressed air system products to perform optimally they need regular maintenance. Companies that sell these systems conduct service inspection programs on the units to ensure they perform effectively. We’ll discuss all you need to know regarding value inspection programs, so you have a better understanding of its importance.

Mandate of Service Inspection Programs

The role of this program is to allow companies that sell air compression systems to sustain the performance of these systems on a continuous basis. The programs will ensure that these distributors achieve this by utilizing their resources accordingly when performing such tasks.

A service inspection program can either be on a contractual or non-contractual basis. But whichever the terms, it’s important that the service inspection program has the following characteristics:

  • It must allow distributors to benefit from the advantages of the service program regardless of their size and resources available

  • The service program must strictly define the extent to which the distributor is exposed

  • It must allow the distributor to not only minimize, but accurately determine their operational costs

Requirements of a Service Inspection Program

Moving on to the requirements, it’s important that every distributor meets the following basic requirements of a service inspection program.

Establish Scheduled Service Appointments

The distributor must make sure that they establish scheduled service appointments on a regular basis. These appointments are normally based on the number of hours they’ll spend on each task. Appointments must be scheduled either annually or bi-annually.

Comprehensive Inspection of Compressed Air System

Distributors must provide a comprehensive inspection of the systems. Sub-standard checks will not be tolerated. The customer must agree to the scope of inspection, but it must cover all the equipment responsible for the supply side of the compression system.

Produce an Inspection Report

The distributor must commit to reporting all findings in an unbiased manner. A report must be generated which clearly outlines:

  • The status of all equipment that’s included in the system

  • Condition of the compressed air system

  • Issues that need to be addressed

Call for Action

Depending on the findings, the distributor can decide that service work or maintenance is required. If either is the case, then they must get approval from the customer regarding the action required. Any service work done or parts bought must be billed as a separate work order.

Need More Information?

Get in touch with us today on 925.667.3400/ . CDA will give you the necessary information and recommendations needed to keep your air compression systems in working order.

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