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Your Helpful ISO 8573-7 Checklist: Make Sure You’re Prepared

The ISO 8573-7 is a helpful but expansive document to help you adequately monitor compressed air quality on your premises. But working through its nine parts can take up so much time that you forget about the small details—such as employee safety.

Allow us to remind you of a few important items to put on your checklist before you take your next air samples for testing, especially regarding the aseptic technique.

Are You Safe?

You may think taking an air sample is a quick task, but without the necessary preparation you create risks. There must be a primary focus on protecting the sample from contamination, but you also want to keep employees safe.

The following items should be mandatory for everyone involved:

- Gloves fitted tight to make it easy to work efficiently

- Protective eye gear

- A lab coat that has been cleaned

- A net over individuals’ hair

How Does it Apply to Your Industry?

You may be quick to dismiss ISO 8573-7 for your establishment, but remember that it’s designed to work across all industries where compressed air is utilized.

After obtaining your copy of the document you also have to consider the unique applications of your industry. For example, if sorting items forms part of your company’s activities in the food industry you’ll have a lot of dust. To ensure clean air but also accurate testing you need to clean and disinfect these sorting areas, especially where your air sampler is located.

Working with Petri Dishes

It’s all about keeping the petri dishes safe and the contents free of secondary contamination that could affect the outcome of the test. These guidelines may help:

- Gloves must be treated with alcohol or ethanol

- Disinfect the work area

- Place the lid down to limit contamination such as dust collecting inside

- Only open one petri dish at a time


If you want someone to help you manage this important aspect of working with compressed air, call CDA Systems. Our experts will tell you what you need and we can supply new equipment or maintain your current machines to ensure safety & optimized outcomes for all. Book a site visit or ask for a quote from our friendly agents: 925.667.3400/

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